Welcome to my magic carpet

Thank you for visiting my new blog in which I hope to be writing about the books I’ve read, and whether they’ve transported me to other lands, real or imaginary. My posts may not be standard reviews but I will talk about how I’ve experienced the book.

I have two other current blogs:

Family History Across The Seas in which I talk about my obsession much-loved hobby, family history, or genealogy as it’s also known.

Tropical Territory is my photo blog where I showcase some photos of Australia’s Northern Territory and especially the Top End around Darwin. In January 2013 I’m having a diversion to another former Territory of Australia: the Territory of Papua New Guinea where we lived for some years, and to which we returned recently on holidays.

Over the past few years I’ve included some book reviews/comments on my family history blog but as I’m planning on joining a few challenges this year, I thought perhaps it’s time to branch out. In the future I’ll be writing about general books here and books with a specific genealogy focus will remain on my family history blog, but be linked to this one.

I’d love you to come along on this bookish ride with me, and it would be wonderful if you would comment on what I write. Whether you agree or disagree it will be great to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to my magic carpet

  1. Thanks for the invitation, Pauleen.

    I’m up for a magic carpet ride. How I will ever get to read all you suggest I don’t know but I will certainly enjoy reading vicariously via your blog.

    Cheers, Jill

    • I figured it was one way to digest at least some of the books I read and I keep an eye on yours in LibraryThing as well as other bloggers in GoodReads. Where does the time go?

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